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    Jan 12, 2015

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    Jan 12, 2015

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    COMMENTS = I've never taken an airport shuttle and was a little nervous if I would make my flight. I've just moved to the area and don't know anyone to ask to take me to the airport and I didn't want to take a taxi. This was the least expensive shuttle service, and it was a great experience! The driver was prompt and courteous. I made it to the airport as quickly as if I had driven myself and much quicker than taking rtd. This is also a locally owned business. I'll definately be using ABC Shuttle in the future!


    Abdi, First let me thank you and your drivers for excellent service. Our guests seemed very pleased. Let me give you the name and email address of our Treasurer so you can send him your invoice(s).  I am including him in this email so that we are all on the same page.My records show customer count as follows: On Friday the 12th (2) persons on Sunday the 14th (7) persons and on Tuesday the 16th (30) persons for a total of 39 persons transported from DIA to Loews Hotel. My understanding is that these were all at the $15 per person rate.I gave you a copy of the Departure lists for Friday Saturday and Sunday 19-21. I note that we have several people that would be singles. How would this work on the departure side as far as rates? Are we still talking $45 per person single? I need to know so that I can determine whether we need to use our own drivers for these people. I understand that for groups of three or more it will be $15. Once again, my thanks for your efforts in making this a success for the first half of the program. Sincerely, Larry Brooks, OFS
    5 Stars!

    8/16/2013 Fantastic service and professional. I use the shuttle whenever I can, especially if traveling alone for an extended time. Think about it, driven to the door, no parking, driving or gas hassles. Often much cheaper than doing the driving yourself. Save time, money and brain damage, use ABC SHUTTLE!

    1/13/2013 Never used this company before, always used the (only) other shuttle service between DIA & DTC . I didn't book on-line due to the date on their website of 2011; i called and Buni answered and booked via the phone. Took a chance on this one because we'd have to wait for 3 hrs for the next pickup time of the other shuttle service and was too long for us to wait.

    4/18/2012 What prompted me to write a review was their schedule. I was booked along w/ 3 others from Denver DIA to South east Denver. I found out during the trip that no other bookings on our trip and were not making other stops along the route!! I was dumbfounded; the other shuttle service always stopped at their locations whether anyone booked or not in my experience (never inquired about their policy). 2/12/2012 ABC SHUTTLE! The van we were passengers were clean and overall good condition; all items were working. The windshield had two long cracks on them, but one was near the edge & the other was very low on the bottom; they didn't abstract the view. No clue if they have replaced them or not since my trip.

    12/21/2011 In addition my experience w/ our driver Joe was very nice, he was attentive, helpful & not overbearing e.g. too talkative. I've read couple of bad reviews about the bearded/ smelly driver, but our experience w/ Joe was sincerely pleasant. We arrived early for our meetings and got some extra time to prepare, will defiantly use again when we have to shuttle between the airports.

    5/4/2012 These guys are absolutely great!! Their shuttles are very clean and they offer great customer service. ABC SHUTTLE Keep the Good service!

    10/25/2011 I booked them for the president of the college I work at, feeling a little concerned because it was so much less expensive than the other services that I thought something would go wrong. Nope! ABC SHUTTLE! She said she had a great experience--on time, quick service, and much cheaper than others. Will use them again going to Denver University.

    5/30/2012 Terrific shuttle service. On time, professional & courteous. Was very, very pleased. I recently used First ABC Transportation to get my large group transported from Denver Int'l Airport up to Breckenridge, CO and back and I was extremely pleased with the service. They were on time for the pick-up and I found their pricing to be better than everyone else I looked into. Mike G.

    03/12/2013 San Diego, CA 
    5 Stars!

    Name: M Nonaka Subject: EXCELLENT SERVICE Message: Many thanks for the excellent service that was provided to our daughter during her weekend of interviews for graduate programs in the Denver area. She depended upon your drivers for meeting all of her transportation needs in a responsible and timely manner to arrive on time for appointments and R/T to/from the airport. ABC Shuttle did not disappoint. Will definitely use again and highly recommend. Nonaka Family, Honolulu
    5 Stars!

    I am very appreciative of ABCSHUTTLE' policy of only 1 stop other than me...it makes my trips to the airport and back fast! I've found their service to be very friendly and caring. The drivers go out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I keep ABC SHUTTLE on my bulletin board and recommend them to my friends who travel.
    5 Stars!

    L.C. The quality of ABC SHUTTLE' service is priceless! Their office staff is always polite. The drivers knock themselves out to give their best service. As a frequent business traveler. I often have to make last minute travel changes. ABC SHUTTLE goes out of their way to make things work. My problems are never their problems. In a word, I would describe their service as exceptional. JACK
    5 Stars!

    ABC SHUTTLE is the best! Your service is always excellent. I would happily refer your service to anyone. AB

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